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Paper Bags

  • Paper Food Bags

    Paper Food Bags

    Paper food bag all sorts of different properties of materials together to improve packaging material permeability, moisture permeability, oil resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, the insect resistant, dustproof and anti microbial isolation, light, smell, odor...

  • Paper Shopping Bags with Handles

    Paper Shopping Bags with Handles

    Are you looking for Kraft shopping bags or other bags with twisted handles? Whether you own a business and need paper shopping bags with handles for your products, or simply want a gift bag to complete a present for someone you love, Paper Mart has the selection for you. Our...

  • Paper Gift Bags

    Paper Gift Bags

    Many varieties of paper gift bags, paper materials variety, paper generally use white cardboard, white paper, copperplate paper, kraft paper manufacturing, and a small amount of special paper manufacturing, according to the edge of the bag, and the bottom of the back cover in...

  • Brown Shopping Bags

    Brown Shopping Bags

    brown shopping bags made of brown cotton, good strength in the bag, can be used repeatedly, but water resistance is not good, brown shopping bag material can be recycled, is a kind of environmentally friendly shopping bags

  • Craft Paper Bags

    Craft Paper Bags

    Craft Paper Bags sealing performance, high barrier, quality preservation, moisture-proof, anti fouling, oxidation resistance, oil resistance, visual, commodity appearance, high-grade, retro, non-toxic and tasteless, food grade materials more assured.

  • Kraft Paper Bags

    Kraft Paper Bags

    Kraft paper bag Kraft Paper Bags are a popular choice among retailers. Store Supply Warehouse features a wide variety of kraft bags in an array of sizes and colors. From paper merchandise bags to metallic colored kraft paper bags with handles, retailers can make use of any...

  • Brown Paper Bag

    Brown Paper Bag

    Brown paper bags are made of whole wood pulp, high environmental protection requirements, food grade timber, color stability is better, paper thickness uniformity, smoothness is better, smooth surface, soft and strong, moisture resistance better.

  • White Paper Bags

    White Paper Bags

    High strength packaging with high quality white paper white kraft paper combinations, generally adopts imported white kraft paper outer layer; imported yellow kraft paper; also can adopt four layers of white kraft paper imports; and in which a layer of paper coated with the...

  • Colored Paper Bags

    Colored Paper Bags

    Color paper bags 12 Bright Color Bags. Create bright and lively party favors with these 10" paper gift bags! These paper bags come in an assortment of 6 bright colors including purple, red, light blue, yellow, green and orange.

  • Black Paper Bags

    Black Paper Bags

    The black paper bag is made of imported pure black cardboard, can print logo, a variety of sizes, side work clean and smooth, tight bottom glue stick, in cardboard, items not easy to fall and added firmly, with flat rope and delicate herringbone cardboard Black paper bags...

  • Small Paper Bags

    Small Paper Bags

    small paper bagshas the advantages of tearing and self sealing strips, convenient opening, repeated sealing and good tightness. Our advantage: 20 years of production experience, strict quality management system Food grade raw material, automatic bag making machine and...

  • Paper Shopping Bags

    Paper Shopping Bags

    Paper shopping bags, made of paper, plastics, non-woven fabrics, industrial cardboard, etc.. Such products are often used in a manufacturer products, but also in the gift is a gift, but also many Westerners will be more stylish handbags made use of bags, can be matched with...

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