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Paper Bag Popular Reasons
Jan 24, 2018

A large number of paper bags and merchants, business marketing are inseparable. Just like nowadays all Guanggu Shan, paper bag is a small cost, promotional billboard mobile billboards. For example, some businesses print their own marks, addresses, telephone numbers and business scopes on paper bags, giving them a striking display and playing a very good propaganda role. As for the gift with the sale of paper bags, its meaning goes without saying.

Paper bag or a reflection of people's lives window of consciousness. When the environmental problems are getting worse, environmental awareness reflects on the design of paper bags. For example, a clothing store paper bags, bags ocher yellow, with simple and elegant paper rope. The paper bag completely made of kraft paper for raw materials, high recovery rate, will not like plastic bags that pose a threat to the production environment pollution. Such a paper bag, much people welcome.


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