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Corrugated Box With Its Characteristics And Environmental Advantages!
Mar 06, 2018

Corrugated box with its characteristics and environmental advantages are widely used in the packaging of goods in the transport, preservation and sale of goods has played an important protective role. In use, the carton must be required to achieve a certain degree of firmness and durability.

At present, the fierce market competition enables the carton manufacturers to continuously improve the production technology and management to obtain the maximum profit, which makes the carton users encounter more or less quality problems in using the carton, such as cartons After the stacking collapse, rupture and so on caused many unnecessary losses.

To avoid such a situation, the production of qualified carton products, corrugated boxes must be tested, so that the production process of corrugated boxes can be effectively controlled. Therefore, a correct understanding and understanding of the testing items and testing methods of corrugated boxes, is of great significance.

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