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Corrugated Box Testing Items And Testing Methods
Jan 26, 2018

Corrugated box with its characteristics and environmental advantages are widely used in the packaging of goods in the transport, preservation and sale of goods has played an important protective role. In use, the carton must be required to achieve a certain degree of firmness and durability.

Appearance Quality

Qualified cartons require printing patterns, clear writing, no breakage and missing cases; pattern chromaticity consistent, bright and bright print position error, large carton error within 7mm, small carton error within 4mm. Surface quality should be intact, no stains, no loopholes around the box, the lid closed without gaps. Carton shape, the box diameter and design size tolerance should be kept in a large box ± 5mm, small box ± 3mm, the basic dimensions of the same size. Folded corrugated boxes by the open, 180 degrees and 180 degrees reciprocating fold more than one, two types of cartons of the surface and the inner layer, the total length of the three types of cracks in the carton box is not greater than 70mm. In addition, the box also requires bonding specifications, neat edges, not overlapping angle.

Cardboard thickness

Corrugated cardboard thickness under certain pressure is the vertical distance between the upper and lower corrugated cardboard in millimeters, is the appearance of defects in the carton test items, and a direct impact on the cardboard edge strength, puncture strength and compressive strength and other properties . There are many reasons that affect the thickness of cardboard, if the thickness of corrugated cardboard is too thin, the side pressure strength, puncture strength and compressive strength will be reduced accordingly. Corrugated corrugated board different, the thickness is also different.

Side pressure intensity

A certain width of the sample, the length of the unit length of the pressure can be called the side pressure strength, corrugated box edge pressure is the ability to withstand pressure parallel to the direction of corrugation. In accordance with the relevant standards, while carrying out side pressure strength testing, cut out 3 pieces of no mechanical impressions, no printing marks and damaged samples from each of 3 cartons, and the corrugation direction of the sample should be short side, the sample size 25mmx100mm, error ± 0.5mm. Requires the sampler blade should be sharp, and the blade mounting position is appropriate, the blade edge and the knife slot angle can be adjusted to 45 degrees. In addition, the tip can not touch the bottom of the sipe to prevent the blade bending deformation, in order to avoid cutting the edge of the sample corrugated damage and fluff and affect the accuracy of detection.

Burst resistance

The rupture strength of corrugated cardboard refers to the maximum pressure per unit area that can be sustained perpendicular to the surface of the sample under certain testing conditions. The unit is Kpa.

Burst determination of the commonly used sample chuck system, the test will be placed on the film and the sample with the sample clamp, and then evenly pressure, the sample was measured to prevent the slide, the sample chuck should have Not less than 690kPa clamping force. Under pressure, the sample and the film are free to protrude together until the sample ruptures. The bursting strength of the sample is the maximum force applied at this time.