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Review of the Quality of Corrugated Box Basic Test
Mar 06, 2018

Qualified cartons require printing patterns, clear handwriting, no broken lines and missing patterns Color consistency, bright and small printing position error, the error of large cartons within 7mm, the error of small cartons within 4mm The surface quality intact, no Stains, no leakage around the box, the cover closed without gaps on the shape of the box, the box diameter and design size tolerances should be kept in a large box ± 5mm, small box ± 3mm, the basic dimensions of the same size corrugated Shake the lid by the opening and closing 180 degrees reciprocating fold more than 5 times. One, two kinds of cartons of the surface and the inner layer, the total length of the three types of cracks in the carton box is not greater than 70mm. Also requires the box joint specifications, neat edges, not overlapping angle.

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