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Introduction and application of the box
Jan 24, 2018

Box as the name suggests is used to package the product box, can be classified according to the material such as: carton, tin, wooden boxes, cloth boxes, leather boxes, acrylic boxes, corrugated boxes, pvc boxes, etc., also by product name To classify, for example: moon cake box, tea box, wolfberry box, candy box, exquisite gift box, native box, wine box, chocolate box, food and drug health care box, food box, tea box, stationery box and so on. Box function: to ensure the safety of transport products, improve product quality and so on. The main material of tin cans: tinplate.

Development and application

With the rapid development of modern industry and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the demand for packaging boxes will continue to increase, and the quality of tin boxes is also set higher. Increase in short version of the work to improve the processing quality and reduce production costs are also the carton packaging companies are facing market pressures and challenges, which requires the application of new technology in the tin packaging production process, and constantly improve the degree of automation equipment and equipment The adjustment time and the life of the auxiliary preparation time. Only by constantly adapt to the new changes in the market to meet the requirements of different users in order to improve the competitiveness of packaging and packaging enterprises.

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