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How to make kraft paper bag
Jan 25, 2018

For kraft paper bags, we are no stranger to, but we all know kraft paper bag is made from it? If your answer is "do not know" or "ambiguous", then please keep up with the experts to learn kraft paper bag is the production method.

Kraft paper bags in accordance with the size and size of the paper bag itself, the practice is divided into small white kraft paper bag approach, the practice of medium-sized kraft paper bag, big bag practice.

Small white kraft paper bag approach: This paper bag is fully formed using a pipeline machine, attached rope. Short duration, high efficiency and low cost, so this bag is generally wide range of applications and affordable, is the choice of all the housewives who.

Medium-sized paper bags are formed on the basis of the machine, using artificial rope way to complete.

Big bag in the practice due to the limitations of machinery and equipment, can only be used by hand-made way, which to some extent, an increase of production costs, the cost of manpower and resources and work efficiency is low.

Seemingly simple kraft paper bag, the process of its production is not a problem. Treasure every paper bag that cherish a hardworking

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