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Carton Box

  • Flat Pack Boxes

    Flat Pack Boxes

    Flat packaging box to create excellent quality, T1-T2 lot of stock, timely delivery, size can be accepted, custom cardboard color without pattern

  • Flat Pack Cardboard Boxes

    Flat Pack Cardboard Boxes

    flat pack cardboard boxes Three corrugated board: high-quality three-tier corrugated board material, good hardness, easy to pressure deformation Three-dimensional Cutting U-shaped die-cutting slot: carton cutting imported automatic die-cut one shaping, the introduction of...

  • White Shipping Box

    White Shipping Box

    The white packing box is Mailing boxes with an extra tab lock for added security. These boxes are made of white corrugated and packed flat and unfolded. They are die-cut for cleaner edges and more precise dimensions, and assemble without tape. It’s recommended to pre-fold for...

  • Cardboard Boxes with Lids

    Cardboard Boxes with Lids

    cardboard boxes with lids Super hard, anti-drop, compression Special hard carton through the compression test (extreme cold extreme extreme extreme pressure drop) Even if the harsh conditions, but also anti-drop pressure! Can effectively bear the brutal distribution of China...

  • Shipping Carton

    Shipping Carton

    I choose box me Only concerned about 4 points 1. Look for cardboard 2. Trimming neatly 3. Quality cardboard 4. Confirm the size shipping carton Large super hard moving carton Installed cotton quilts clothing, installed host display, loaded A4 file information and other moving...

  • Boxes for Shipping

    Boxes for Shipping

    boxes for shipping The hardness of the special cardboard box is better than that of the high quality carton, and the compressive resistance and the anti-dropability are better than the high quality carton. The high quality carton can be used for the packaging of the heavy...

  • Colorful Pizza Box

    Colorful Pizza Box

    Colorful Pizza Box features 1. Product Scope: Chinese and Western fast food, fried chicken shop, snack bar, burger shop 2. Product specifications: fried chicken cartons, burger cartons 3. Material: A grade food grade pure pulp and paper, Finland imported food paper, sugar...

  • Pizza Box Inserts

    Pizza Box Inserts

    pizza box inserts 1, the market is the most commonly used 250G white cardboard pizza box, this section pizza box to meet the general West Point restaurant store use, if it is a takeaway, then will be relatively weak; 2, thick 350G white cardboard pizza box is mainly used for...

  • Pizza Combo Box

    Pizza Combo Box

    pizza combo box Features Open hole design Pizza box with a round hole design, the box is not easy to deformation, so that the box is more reliable and solid Environmental protection kraft paper material Using environmentally friendly = kraft paper material, safe and healthy,...

  • Pizza Slice Boxes

    Pizza Slice Boxes

    pizza slice boxes, refers to the box used to hold the pizza, the main material for the white cardboard, corrugated paper and PP plastic. According to different classification methods, pizza boxes can be divided into the following categories: According to different materials,...

  • Packaging Boxes

    Packaging Boxes

    packaging boxes use instructions are as follows: 1. Can be installed quilt, fitted with cotton, fitted underwear, installed debris, can be used 2. Bottom with tape sealing, lid folding molding, box 5 thick layer of material, the lid is 3 layers thickening material 3. Folding...

  • Paperboard Boxes

    Paperboard Boxes

    paperboard boxes: is the most widely used packaging products, according to different materials, corrugated boxes, single cardboard boxes, etc., there are a variety of models and models. Carton commonly used three, five, seven use less, the layers are divided into paper,...

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